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Work for studio or not ?
Posted:Feb 5, 2015 12:53 pm
Last Updated:Apr 25, 2024 3:34 am
actually had a hard time writing this article, because I am thinking of the idea of opening a studio account with some of the larger website out there. Since it’s the only method I could gain a referral fee from introducing new models to this business. I first started as a studio model then I went on my own working for Streamray Inc. once I got my own place, computer, internet connect and video camera. I basically replicated what was in a studio and put it in my own home.
A typical studio is a physical location you go to on a set working shift. You usually find them by answer help wanted ads in papers and online on websites like or you would meet with the members probably see other models working and they would give you a tour of the place, but those studios are rare to find in North America.
Now a studio is someone who does not have a location for you to work and does everything by phone and online email or instant messenger. You sign the contracts email or snail mail them in and your working for a studio which means the studio is responsible for paying you from the pie of the site which breaks down into paying affiliates, paying the site. Some websites pay studios the same % split an individual model would get. So if a webcam is paying models and studios 35% just image what you would get if you signed up under a studio representative account.
I did get approved with the webcam site to have a studio account I do not have a location for girls to come in use the facilities and work their shifts, my involvement of being a studio would be remote meaning I would help girls set up their studios if they lived in my area and I would giving them advice of how to make money and be successful and I would gaining a small fee for it. Since creating this website I am not actually making money from it right now its a free information resource.
I am aware that there are some girls out there who are not able to work from home being a cam model for various reasons but it is very rare to find a studio that will have computers, camera and internet connection available for you to use without having them take a huge piece of the profits.
Your room when your webcam is on
Posted:Feb 3, 2015 5:54 pm
Last Updated:Feb 5, 2015 12:51 pm
Your room when your webcam is on
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WRONG Watch out for these sites
Posted:Feb 3, 2015 5:22 pm
Last Updated:Feb 5, 2015 12:49 pm
UnicornModeling - Check out this new Webcam Modeling Community, it can help you start in this industry. Thanks for reading.

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iFriends - iFriends is the largest premium and free adult webcam sex chat community in the world. With the iFriends Standard Payment option, you earn 50% of all collected sales you generate.

LiveJasmin - As always, some websites who came first on the scene are still the best ones. LiveJasmin is one of the oldest and most profitable website for models who want to make money with webcam modeling. One of their models made $17,875 in just half a month this year in October.

XLoveCam - €5,000+ are often generated each month by some of their top models.Make great money with a larger European webcam community! They pay you by bank transfer, XLC CARD or Payoneer, always on time, (minimum payout is around 90£).Fast payments every 2 weeks - NO DELAYS. Your VIP member videos earn you money even when you are not online. High visibility for both new and experienced Models.

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Camgirl Well Being
Posted:Feb 3, 2015 3:21 pm
Last Updated:Feb 3, 2015 5:28 pm
Being a camgirl can be very demanding on the mind and the body, and it’s extremely important to keep them running smoothly. Yes the work of being a camgirl can be extremely fun and rewards but if your not taking care of yourself really no good for your viewers who watch you.

I have decided to put together some health and safety tips to your camgirl career running as long as possible.
Work in small segments – If you decide to put in long hour shifts on webcam I highly suggest working in small segments. A typical camgirl says she will work about 8 hours a day and bring approximately $1,500 in a 2 -week pay period. Which is very possible to do so, but it comes with a price as well. You want to avoid stiff joints and muscles as much as possible. To avoid stiff joints and muscles try stretching before you go online, and also move around as much possible, the longer you sit in one place on the camera the more you will feel it after you come offline. Moving around alot not only helps with your stiff joints but it will also get your viewers enticed to know that your a real live girl. The longer you sit there doing very little your viewers will get bored and go to someone else.

foodExercise and a Balance Diet – I never realized how important this was until I neglected it myself. Exercise and a balance diet has to be one of the most important thing to keep yourself in a business that is all about your body. I am not saying to go out and spend a lot of money on a gym membership that is not needed you can find great home gyms that fit your size of your home and budget on the internet or in your local health and fitness stores, but going out to a gym or a psychical fitness class does keep you moving and interacting with other people. As for a balance diet you can get a copy of the Canadian food guide which is a great help, or speak with your doctor or even a nutritionist.

Hair, make up and skin care – A big part of being a camgirl is your appearance your face is usually the first thing your viewers see when they end your chat room or check out your galleries. It’s very important to make you have a good skin care regiment and also hair care regiment but that also goes back to having a well balanced diet it’s more then just drinking lots of water everyday. You do not need to spend alot of money on these products, but do find the best one that your money can buy and also works well with your skin and hair type. If your not a make up person that is ok. You do not need to wear alot of make sure, but lip gloss does go a long way.

Cleanliness – I wasn’t sure how to add this section into the article but it’s something that is extremely important. cleaning your toys and sheets are extremely important. Try and wash the sheets you use for your shows weekly, and also your toys every shift. You don’t want things to build up and lingur around it could lead to unwanted pimples and infections thare not easy to deal with. When washing your toys make sure to take out the batteries if they are battery operated, also you can use a mild soap. and rinse properly.
Regular check-ups – You don’t have to tell your doctor what you do for a living that is completely up to you and the relationship you have with your doctor, but it’s a good idea to go in and get your yearly psychicals and also it does help alot and go a long way is spa visits, facials, massages and pedicures do relief a lot of stress. You do not need to spend alot but do try and get into the spa once every few months.
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7 rules for success
Posted:Feb 3, 2015 2:41 pm
Last Updated:Feb 3, 2015 3:12 pm
BE PROACTIVE It’s better than reactive and far more effective than inactive. It’s about taking the initiative and being responsible. If you schedule the time to clean up your contact management files – especially if you’re planning a mail out or are forever wondering how you filed that person in your database – then your proactive behaviour will benefit you, free up your time and allow you to access your ’ information within seconds.

BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND If you want to have a successful business clearly define what you want to accomplish, think through the product or service you want to provide and then organize the elements needed to achieve your objectives. Create a mission statement and determine what your vision is. This thoughtful process empowers us to mentally create what we desire.

PUT FIRST THINGS FIRST This is about developing your own proactive nature and practicing self management. Look at your week ahead with your list of goals and your to-do list. Schedule time to achieve each one. Be realistic, and then put it in your day scheduler.

THINK WIN/WIN This is where you acknowledge what the up side is to you creating new habits. You will feel good about the decisions you make because they will impact all areas of your life positively.
Honour your personality type and make the systems work for you. You will feel happier and more energized.

SEEK FIRST TO UNDERSTAND … THEN TO BE UNDERSTOOD The ultimate key to effective interpersonal communication is listening – no pretending here, no selective listening, just plain listening with the intent to understand. You can’t produce results from an inaccurate understanding of where other people are coming from. Listen without judgment. Listen truthfully and honestly to their point of view
SYNERGIZE A total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements. Each and every effort is important and it’s necessary to continue with the efforts until they become habit. Through the entire process you are creating your own synergy. When synergy is created we are more efficient because we are more centered. We think more clearly, can accommodate others more easily. Our lives are calmer and we achieve more.

SHARPEN THE SAW Take the time for self renewal – physical, spiritual, mental and social/emotional. No one else can do this for us and we must do it for ourselves.
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Being a camgirl, is it right for me?
Posted:Feb 3, 2015 2:31 pm
Last Updated:Feb 3, 2015 3:10 pm
So you think webcamming is easy right? You just buy a webcam, some toys and lingerie, create a website or join a webcam site and the money comes rolling in, right? Well not exactly being a camgirl is more complex then people think, Yes owning a webcam and being broadcast live on the internet is the most important part of it but you have to be able to transfer yourself into a new persona. Webcam girls are expected to be fun and flirty, and have confidence and be sexy, even when you don’t feel like you are those things. Plus what is also a big misconception of being a camgirl is that the skills we have one of them being having a business sense, customer service skills and patience.
This article will shine some light of what it’s like to be a camgirl and hopefully give you more information of deciding if webcamming is right for you.
Becoming a camgirl means that your opening yourself up to a new world, plus your entering into a world where you have to learn as you go, and this is a business that you have to be flexible and ready for change all the time. If you have ever worked in a customer service environment of dealing with i-rate customers or customers service who just don’t know when to walk-away you will soon learn quickly how to deal with them, and also how to problem solve, but the most important part of it all is keeping your cool and always have a smile on your face. Something to consider if you decide to be a camgirl, for me it never really crossed my mind til the issue came up. When friends/family/co-workers find out what you do, it’s highly unlikely to happen because the internet is very large, but it can happen, and it’s not a matter of how they find out it’s a matter of when they find out. The chatters in your room come from all over the world; you might be concerned of someone finding you on the street.

Cyberspace is huge and the odds of someone finding out what you do is pretty slim for them to psychically find out what your doing on the internet is if they are a porn surfer themselves or if you leak out the information to someone.
There precautious you can take if you feel you have to protect yourself on the internet if you decided to start webamming, one of them being some websites offer blocking where you are able to block your country/state/zip code. But do keep in mind that feature is created by the website themselves they can remove which a lot of websites have been to increase traffic and profits. So now the other option of protecting your own privacy is to make sure you do not leak out personal information in your chat room and take photos on your profile that do not show your face, but it will be hard since men are visual creations and they will not spend money on something they can not see.
If you are really worried and a bit paranoid that someone will find out about your camming career, you have a few options first one is to come out and tell them yourself, but you also have to be prepared for their reactions and give them space to react if they do not come out and tell what they think about it right away. You also have to remember you are an adult you are able to make your own decisions and choose the path of your own life. Plus when it comes from you when your telling your friends or family the blow does come out softer. If your still not sure this is right for you, ask yourself “Do you feel comfortable being desired and admired by men, and also would be embarrassed if someone asked you about it.” If you hesitated or even said yes to those two questions, this might not be the right career choice for you.

The internet is pretty much forever archives can bring pulled up at any moment once you click broadcast now your image is immortalized.
A life coach once told me that you should not feel any shame or blame for being a cam girl or anyone who works in the sex trade industry, this is honest hard work. Your providing a service and your treating your customers with the respect and dignity any customer deserves, plus there is people out there who claim to be in honest high profile jobs who are ruining peoples lives such as those people who are in the investment and brokage firms out there.

If your still interested in joining the camming business, I welcome you ! It is very possible to make a good living from webcamming, and this is a true honest living regardless of what the closed minded, judgemental people out there have to say about it.

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